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Kitchen Renovation: Designing a Pantry


While every homeowner would love to have a walk-in kitchen pantry, such luxury is not always possible, especially if you don’t have the space to dedicate to a pantry. However, by employing wise storage options, you can make good use of the space you do have by designing your own kitchen pantry or by purchasing one of the readymade models on the market.

How Will You Use Your Kitchen Pantry

The first step is deciding how your kitchen pantry will be used. Will it be used to hold food only or do you want a kitchen pantry that will hold brooms and mops and surplus household supplies? Your available space or lack thereof may well answer this question for you, however if you have available floor space then you can design a pantry to your liking.

If you are short of available floor space, is there a bank of cabinets you can make over to function as a kitchen pantry? What about a utility closet or built-in shelving unit? You can easily turn even a small closet into a kitchen pantry by adding wood or plastic shelving. Also, consider the possibility of adding a shelving unit to the inside of the pantry door to hold cans, bottles, or spices. Another idea you can incorporate into some kitchen pantries is to use roll out carts and bins to hold food and supplies.

Purchasing a Kitchen Pantry

If you don’t have an existing structure to can remodel to function as a kitchen pantry, you may opt to just purchase a free standing one. You can find a variety of kitchen pantries online to get some ideas and also look locally at home improvement stores to see what they have. Many of these can easily be painted to match your décor and you can adjust where the shelves will be. In fact, avoid any units that do not allow you to adjust the height of the shelves. You want to be able to set aside some shelves for tall items while making the best use of the rest of the space.

Take care when purchasing a kitchen pantry as some of the cheaper models can tip over easily and this could be especially dangerous if young children are in the home. You may want to consider attaching the pantry to a wall to prevent it from tipping over. In fact, some kitchen pantries come with the hardware to do just that. You might also consider installing safety latches on the doors of your pantry if you have young children.

Even if you purchase a readymade kitchen pantry you can still personalize it by painting, refinishing, and/or stenciling it to match the rest of your décor. This can be a fun weekend project for those who enjoy kitchen remodeling.


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