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Make the Most of Your Available Kitchen Space


If you need to create more room in your kitchen, tearing out walls and renovating the entire kitchen can be a time consuming and expensive task. If you’re not ready for such a renovation yet but still would like more room in your kitchen, try some of the following tips to see how you can best take advantage of the space you already have.

Hang it Up

Look to the walls and ceilings for solutions on how you can hang space savers in your kitchen. For example, a hanging pot rack could free up valuable cabinet space and looks attractive too. Consider hanging much used utensils above the stove to keep them from cluttering up drawers. Also, shelving units can be very attractive in kitchens; buy or build your own and store cookbooks, spices, canisters, and small appliances.

Add Storage to Existing Cabinets

Consider adding pull out drawers and shelving to existing lower cabinets to maximize your space. If you have a corner cabinet that is hard to get to, a lazy Susan would make a perfect solution to make good use of the cabinet while making it easy to retrieve items. Some blind corner cabinets have a tremendous amount of storage space yet it is so hard to get to that many people don’t bother using it. For the handy do-it-yourselfer, this project doesn’t have to be expensive, although readymade inserts of this type can run into the hundreds of dollars so if you are going to purchase them, shop around for the best deals.

Make the most of under the sink storage with racks especially designed for this area. Don’t be tempted to keep cleaning supplies here if you have young children in the home, though. Instead, keep them in a high cabinet, preferably one that is kept locked, so that young children don’t have access to them. Still, you can use that area under the sink to store a good many supplies, such as wraps and bags and other non-toxic household supplies. Also, consider using the cabinets above the refrigerator and any other high cabinets to store little used items so that you won’t have to be climbing up to get them.

Free up Counter Space

Counter space is prime real estate in any kitchen and the more of it you can leave uncluttered, the better. Consider getting your microwave off the counter and building it in instead. Also, see which small appliances you might be able to install under the cabinet or opt for new ones that are designed to hang up or slide out from underneath cabinets.

Look online for more ideas about how you can make the most of your available kitchen space. With just a few minor modifications, you can increase your kitchen storage space and add visual appeal as well.


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