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Kitchen Floor Options for the Do-it-Yourselfer


There are a lot of exciting kitchen flooring options available today in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials. Kitchen flooring also comes in a wide variety of price ranges so you should be able to find something you like regardless of your budget. Although replacing kitchen flooring is not the hardest remodeling job, you do want to select flooring that is durable and will last for many years. Along those same lines, you may want to consider choosing a material that is stain resistant, although that could increase the price. If you have pets, that will be another consideration because you may need to choose kitchen flooring that is scratch resistant as well. We’ll explore a few of the options you have to choose from in this article.


Laminate flooring has become a popular choice for a variety of reasons. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, looks nice, and is cost-effective. You can get laminate flooring in planks or squares that interlock so there is no gluing to the floor beneath it. As long as you have a smooth subfloor or even a smooth tiled floor, you can install laminate flooring right on top of it. There are different levels of quality when it comes to laminate flooring so get the kind that fits your budget and your needs.


Tile flooring comes in a variety of materials and quality from cheap vinyl tiles to ceramic and natural stone tiles. Again, budget, style, and durability are of primary importance when you are considering kitchen flooring but there are so many choices and so many levels of quality that you should have no problem getting something that you like. Ceramic tile is appropriate for any room and can often be seen throughout the home, complemented with throw rugs and area rugs. Pay attention to the glaze when you choose ceramic flooring and choose a glaze that won’t be slippery.


Wood flooring is a favorite of many homeowners in a variety of classes. While solid wood flooring is the preference for many, it can be expensive and requires regular maintenance, depending on the finish. Hard wood floors are beautiful throughout the home and will last the life of any house. In addition, hard wood floors can increase the value of your home as this type of flooring is a hot marketing trend.

Increasingly, faux wood finishes have become a market staple with choices in tile squares or strips. Faux wood flooring allows those who can’t afford the real thing to have the look of real wood floors without going to the expense that solid wood flooring costs. Whatever type of floor you choose, make sure it is comfortable and easy to walk on without slipping. You also want your kitchen flooring to allow appliances to easily slide out in case of repair or just so you can clean behind them. You might also consider just moving the appliances out to begin with and doing the entire floor so it will all be one surface. Whatever you decide, consider your options carefully and take all the factors into consideration.


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