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Green Kitchen Design Ideas


If you’re remodeling your kitchen but have environmental concerns, there are various ways you can go green. With more and more Americans becoming eco conscious, more and more building materials have gone green, which makes it a much easier task than it used to be to remodel your kitchen and still be good to the environment. We’ll take a look at some of the ways you can go green in your kitchen and live in a healthy and beautiful environment.


Save money and save the earth’s resources by installing energy and water efficient appliances. Remember when making price comparisons that you may find energy and water efficient appliances to be more costly upfront, but usually less costly over the long run. People who are eco conscious and want to participate in as much green living as possible have far more to consider than just the price, although for those on a tight budget, that must be a factor as well. You also want to remodel with appliances that will last so take that into consideration as well when shopping for new appliances for your green kitchen remodel.

It’s also important how you dispose of the appliances you will be replacing. Try to find a way to recycle them, if possible by giving them to someone who will use them or perhaps a recycling center will take them off of your hands.

Other Materials

Thankfully, more people than ever before are concerned about preserving the environment and this is evident in the wide variety of green building materials on the market today. Everything from countertops to cabinetry to paint and flooring is made with the eco conscious in mind and while these materials may initially cost more, they are made to last and can increase the value of your home. In addition, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to protect the environment.

Environmentally friendly building materials include those that are made from recycled materials, are responsibly harvested or mined, such as wood and natural stone, and those made from renewable resources. Another type of green building materials are those that you can get locally because by buying locally, you are contributing to the conservation of the environment by foregoing the harm that comes from transporting the materials to you. Many eco conscious individuals forget all about the transporting of their green materials, confident they are doing their part by buying green in the first place. However, how those materials get to you is an important consideration as well so do consider all aspects of “going green” when you start your green kitchen remodel.


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