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Sidewalks for Curb Appeal


If you don’t already have a sidewalk, you may want to consider adding one to your property for the curb appeal and added property value it brings. A sidewalk is a welcome addition to most any home and it offers a welcoming pathway for guests who come to your home. It can also add to the safety of your property by providing an open, clear pathway to the door.

There are other reasons to add sidewalks to your property. Whether you’re considering a sidewalk to the front door, the back entrance, or just to meander through the backyard or garden area, they can be attractive and appealing. They can also help you eliminate much of the dirt, grass, and mud that is tracked in your house family, guests, and even pets.

Before you have a sidewalk installed, consider the following and get creative in your planning process:

· A sidewalk does help you find your way to the doorway, but don’t view it as destination. View a sidewalk as a pleasant way to meander through the yard.

· Consider your sidewalk as a part of the overall visual appeal and aesthetics of your home. Match the color, design, and other features to collaborate and complement your home’s décor and style.

· Evaluate various options for materials. You can install a simple concrete sidewalk or you can use stamped concrete, brick, slate, or other types of products. Look at a variety of products and find one that matches your personality and the personality of your home.

· Sidewalks are more attractive today than ever. Don’t just consider a sidewalk that gets you from the car or driveway straight to the house. Consider a curved, meandering design. Think about the slope of your lawn and decide if wide steps at certain intervals are attractive. Play with different ideas to manage the various elevations that are encountered along the way and use those elevations to make the sidewalk visually appealing.

· Consider the surrounding area including any trees, shrubbery and flower beds. Can the sidewalk meander through the garden? Are trees so close that roots can be a problem underneath the sidewalk once it is installed? Will shrubbery have to be cut back or removed for the sidewalk to be clear or is there another option. Work with the space you have and make the most of it. Make sure the plans for your sidewalk are not sidetracked by unexpected roots, shrubbery or other encumbrances.

· Check for utility, phone, and electrical lines that may be buried in the area you are considering. Have them clearly marked to ensure they are not inadvertently damaged during construction of your sidewalk.

· Consider lighting for the sidewalks you install. Once you decide where you want them, think about adding lamp posts or other lighting along the way. Illuminating sidewalks is an attractive way to enhance the beauty of the landscape and light the path.

In your quest to add a sidewalk to you property and enhance its beauty and safety features, use your imagination. Make the most of what you have to work with and create a stunning entrance to your home by creating an innovative, fresh sidewalk that welcomes friends and family.


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